Green Technician Certificate - State Energy Sector Partnership Grant

The Oregon Green Technology Certificate will prepare entry level employees with the foundation skills needed in a variety of industries that are associated with or support green jobs. While it may ultimately be adopted statewide, the Oregon Green Tech Certificate is being designed to meet the unique needs of rural Oregon, where companies tend to be smaller, many occupations may have only one or two local job openings, and employers need workers who have basic technical skills that can transfer to different kinds of work and work settings as employer requirements and labor market demands shift.

    FIRST TERM          
    GT101  Intro to Industrial Sustainability                         

    GT102  Green Industrial Safety                                                    

    GT103  Mechanical Systems                                                        

    GT104  Electrical Systems Troubleshooting 1       

    GT105  Applied/Workplace Math                                                


    GT106  Intro to Green Tech                                                     

    GT107  Electrical Systems Troubleshooting 2                           

    GT108  Building Systems                                                         

    GT109 HVACR Sys Operations                                             

    GT110 Workplace Communication Skills/Information Literacy


    GT111 Preventive Maintenance & Energy Conservation    

    GT112  Control Systems                                                            

    GT113  Fluid Power                                                                    

    GT114  Local Applications for Alternative Energy                       

    GT115  Human Relations/Customer Service in Business

Individuals who complete the one-year Green Tech Certificate will:

      §  be multi-skill, systems thinkers and problem-solvers.

§  be prepared for a broad array of green occupations across a variety of diverse industries, such as green energies production, equipment manufacturing (such as solar panel, wind turbine, wave energy, bio-energy component), construction and installation, monitoring and repair, building retro-fitting, process recycling, hazardous materials removal work and others.

§  have a fundamental understanding of sustainability, green technologies, process improvements/elimination of waste, and an overview of various careers in green tech.

§  be able to demonstrate the applied reading and workplace math skills needed on-the-job, as well as the workplace skills employers need: critical thinking, problem solving, team work, etc.

§  possess a unique set of entry-level electrical, mechanical, and heating/cooling systems skills- as taught through the lens of green energy and energy efficiency - that will allow graduates to learn quickly on the job and be prepared for success in advanced programs of study.

Training will be provided by ten Oregon community colleges located in rural Oregon through a combination of on-line instruction, hands-on labs and, in some areas, work experience in the field.  The core content will be 36-45 credits, depending on the level of general education courses offered and the number of specialty electives a student may take. 
Why the Oregon Green Tech. Certificate is on the right track - Preparing Job Seekers with skills in demand by industry  

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